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We limit the class size for all of our courses. To check availability of classes offered, please contact us at 1-866-350-BEES (2337).

Introduction to Estimating 
Our five-day Introduction to Estimating course is designed to help you read plans, improve your math skills, establish an estimating procedure, and increase your estimating productivity. It is especially helpful to those students studying for a Contractor’s License.

This weeklong course will improve anyone’s ability to estimate. Through proven practice problems, students will develop a solid estimating procedure for completing an estimate. Structure, accuracy, speed and confidence will be emphasized. Doing it right the first time is a must in any business and we at Builders Estimating and Exam School strive for quality. Residential working drawings will be used for plan reading and estimating.

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Estimating Trades 
A five-day commercial estimating course consisting of concrete estimating, masonry, structural steel, light gauge framing, drywall, painting and insulation will be presented. This course is a hands-on estimating class not for beginners. We will improve your ability to read plans and estimate the trades. A proven estimating procedure to increase your accuracy, speed and confidence will be stressed. Commercial working drawings will be used for plan reading and estimating.

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Estimating Site Construction 
This five-day course is designed for site estimators or other construction professionals who have never been formally trained in site estimating. This course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to assemble and organize an accurate site work estimate.

Reading a site plan, pre-bid investigation, cut & fill calculations, soils shrinkage and swell, crew analysis, equipment costing and various site work, trenching, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, asphalt and concrete paving exercises will be covered.

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Project Scheduling 
A three-day Scheduling course will provide a unique opportunity to learn the basic principles of scheduling as well as computerized scheduling. This is a hands on learning experience utilizing Microsoft Project Scheduling Software and Microsoft Excel Software. Students will learn to create a computer schedule by creating bar charts and network diagrams. WBS codes, resources, fixed costs, and customizing the software will be presented. Emphasis will focus on controlling a project. Creating a baseline, tracking, updating and finding the least cost schedule will be demonstrated.

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Project Management 
This three-day course is designed for company owners, project managers and estimators who want to learn how to better assure the success of each project that they undertake. The subjects covered will help you to manage your construction projects in a method that is truly world class.

This class focuses on defining and understanding a set of processes that will insure the success of any project. We define success as a construction project that meets the needs and expectations of its owner, user and stakeholders, which includes you.

Learning what is project management. Seeing project management through the eyes of the client, the contractor, and the project manager will be addressed. Project planning, developing the work breakdown structure, resource planning, construction scheduling, cost estimating and other topics will be covered.

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Residential Blueprint Reading 
This two-day course uses a residential set of drawings to discuss topics such as drawing scale, orthographic & isometric views, alphabet lines, etc. The course then uses this information to analyze the plot plan, foundation plan, floor plan, elevations, sectional views, etc. By the end of the course, it is expected that the student will be able to put together material checklists and do some basic construction math to get quantities of material.

This class is ideal for purchasing, inside / outside sales, estimators, managers, or any student wanting to brush up on their blueprint reading ability. Included in the course is a workbook, residential print reading textbook, architectural scale, calculator and working sets of blueprints.

Course Tuition - $700.00   VIEW SCHEDULE
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Commercial Blueprint Reading 
This two–day course is not for beginners and expands upon the knowledge learned in the Residential Blueprint Reading class. This course uses a commercial set of drawings to discuss different drawing pages and detail views. By the end of this class, the student should be able to gather all information necessary to put together an estimate and create a detailed material checklist.

Included in the price of the class are a workbook, commercial print reading textbook, architectural scale, calculator, and working set of blueprints.

Course Tuition - $700.00     VIEW SCHEDULE
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Computerized Estimating 
This 3 day course is a hands-on estimating course that teaches the student to use the most out of Microsoft Excel. The course covers some basic estimating math, but then uses this math to create a set of spreadsheet pages that will allow the user to complete a detailed estimate very quickly. By the end of the course, the student will have a firm grasp on creating the necessary files to do a detail estimate and the ability to modify the material done in class. The course will end with an advanced lesson on Microsoft Excel Visual Basic and the controls available. A set of Residential Plans will be used for this class.

Included in this course is a workbook, USB Memory Stick, a working set of plans, a CD with sample Excel spreadsheets.

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The Math Tutor 
One-on-one learning might be for you. It increases your knowledge and understanding of math. Studies have shown that students learn best when they have more attention given to their individual needs. Smaller classroom sizes and one-on-one learning will maximize yours of passing a test.

Math Tutoring for the following will be offered effective January 5, 2009
  • General Contractor’s Exam Prep
  • Residential Contractor’s Exam Prep
  • Plumbing Contractor’s Exam Prep
  • Building Contractor’s Exam Prep

  • On-Site Classes 
    Any of the above classes can be purchased as an “on-site” class. An on-site class is one or more of the classes described above, but instead of coming to our classroom, we send an instructor to your company. In addition to coming to your company, we can also tailor the course work to be more suitable to your needs. We do customized classes. Give us a call.

    Course Tuition - Varies
    Course Schedule –To be negotiated

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